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Listen up children. Chillden.



Tis time for a book tag.

I’ve been watching bad horror and thriller flicks on Netflix all day and I needed to do something normal. Like writing on here to nobody in particular. Except you guys!!!

Anyhow. The Emoji Book Tag has you choose 5 of your most used emojis and link that to a book. I have absolutely no idea how this works exactly, but let’s do it anyway.

A book that leaves you overwhelmingly confused and unsure as to why you ever picked it up but you have no other expression except this awkward blank look on your face.

Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin. This book had me all kinds of lost. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautifully written, very lyrical and has lots of imagery, but throughout the entire book I was like “Wait. What.” “I don’t.” *Mumbles* “Whatinthehellishappening” I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe my brain can’t comprehend the breathtaking work of experienced authors. I saw the movie just to clear things up, but I don’t think it helped much. (Plus it wasn’t that great.)

A book that honestly surprises you enough to make this face and has you thinking “WHAT IS HAPPENING???”

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. Oh man, this book. Oh you! *Points at book in mocking accusation* This one was recommended to me by a friend a longgg time ago in high school. Aw memories. She kind of threw it at me without really explaining anything. So I was like “Sure why not, right?” Without even reading the back, I jumped right into it ‘cause it looked like a quick read. While I was reading it, the entire time I was thinking, okay so this brother and sister have such a sweet bond. Wow, much love, much strength, very siblings. And as it progresses, you start to see how everything’s falling together and when you get hit with the incest, it slams into you like a train. I’m pretty sure I can handle incest thanks to the Lannisters, but holycrap. I did not expect that, reading this book. I thought it was just gonna be like, a nice little novel about sisterly/brotherly love, and they can conquer the world cause they’re so strong. Shnope.

A book that was just shite.

The Prince with Amnesia by Emily Evans. Just. No. I’m sorry, but no. I did no like.

A book that made you think “Are you fucking kidding me?” at one point.

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Cause Death. So much death.

A book that gives you this overtly suggestive innuendo making face.

Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines. Abbi Glines is the queen of hot dirty romance. All hail queen Abbi.

This series is absolutely wonderful and ridiculous in every way possible.

That’s all!!! I could have chosen the first five that were in a row next to each other but they’re such weird and random emoji’s I couldn’t even figure out what I’d pair them with.

But alas, my dear booknerdigans, this is me, signing off. Until next time.


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