A Luxen Thing for All You Alien Lovers


Ever since I decided to reread the Lux series, I’ve been debating on whether or not I wanted to do a review for the books. I’ve just been going back and forth on the pros and cons. Especially when things get exciting and I keep gushing over the best parts and thinking “Oh I gotta tell someone about this” and then realizing I had no one to tell.

In my mind I’m like, well, there’s a lot of people that have already read them by now. This series is nothing new. There’s also so much content and things to go over in a single review. (Not that I mind. There should be more.)

BUT, my rebuttal was that there’s also a lot people who haven’t read the books yet and maybe—just maybe they’re considering on giving this wonderful series a go, and maybe they just so happen to stalk my blog and read this post and that gives them a little nudge in the right direction. Then, I can rightfully say I did my job by making someone smile and I can die happy.


Ladies and gentlemen: I, your dearly devoted bloggest (hostess/blogger) am delighted to put before you my thoughts and mostly just my word vomit by honoring the absolutely stunning series that is, Lux.

And if you just so happen to not give a crap about Lux (or aliens in general), then you can just turn your sweet little patooties around, and move along down that way.

Because there is so much included in the books and I don’t really feel like splitting this into 7 different reviews, I’m gonna do the best I can to squeeze everything into one big ass review.

Let’s see what I can do. Forgive me if I butcher this.

Where do I even begin?

I guess we can start with how I found them. (If I can remember.)

It was the Summer of 2012. I was in my room, bored, and playing around with my Nook, looking for a new book series to distract me. I typed the word ‘alien’ into the search box thinking I’d never get any promising results. However, after scrolling through many titles, I stopped on a cover that caught my eye. There was Daemon Black, in all his 6 foot something holy hotness staring back at me over Katy Swartz’s shoulder. I gotta say, if it wasn’t for the alien boy, I probably never would have read the books. That just goes to show what kind of person I am. I’m a superficial asshole, just like Adolf Hitler-much to my dismay. I know. But thank god for cute boys with dark curly hair and unearthly green eyes, cause now these books have a dear place in my heart.

NOW. Back to the books.

As with all my reviews, there will be spoilers. Trust.

I’ll just briefly go through each of the seven books in the series, and before you flip the freak out. Two of these books aren’t necessarily of critical importance. Meaning, you don’t actually have to read them to understand the main five babies. But they’re all so good, you’ll just want more to read anyway.

It goes as follows:








Obsession falls somewhere in between Opal, Origin, and Opposition since it sort of takes place at the same time but focuses on two additional (but equally beautiful and important) characters in the series.

Let it be known this all mostly takes place in a quiet small town in West Virginia, and later, Area 51 in Nevada.

Shadows is the prequel to the main five and introduces the readers to Bethany Williams the human, and Dawson Black, the friendlier and high spirited brother in a set of triplets. Dawson, is a Luxen which is an extraterrestrial species of people that are made of light and came from a planet—which was destroyed by another race of aliens known as the Arum (made of shadows)—a long time ago, and I mean ages ago. So these aliens are pretty much humanized. Mostly. Aside from the fact that they look like lightbulbs in their true form, have special abilities, and are highly intelligent.

Fun Fact: Luxen always give birth to sets of triplet, two boys and a girl. Weird, I know. Whereas the Arum, give birth to sets of quadruplets—three boys and one girl, which is even weirder. That’s just too many alien babies if you ask me.

Now that you’ve been edumacated, let’s get back to the story. Beth is the new girl in school and instantly catches Dawson’s eye. The only problem is that Luxen have like a “no fraternizing with the humans” rule, and humans are ignorant to the fact that there’s a clan of aliens living down the street. That is, except for the Department of Defense aka the DOD. The DOD sort of shoves all the Lux into a set sport and keeps them in check by supplying them with the funds and means of comfortable living. Thanks taxpayers.

When Dawson decides to date the girl and eventually falls head over heels for her, he risks exposure. She finds out he’s an alien when they’re making out and he gets so excited he lights up like the fourth of July on her bed. Trust me, it’s hella awkward. So he obviously has to explain who and what he is, which somehow doesn’t drive her away. (She’s got her own ET. DAMMIT. I’m still waiting for mine.) She accepts him and his people. PROBLEM IS, the Lux don’t reciprocate the acceptance. Not really. And the DOD is so not okay with humans knowing about the existence of aliens living amongst them, because that, my friends, would elicit panic.

I hadn’t read Shadows until after I finished Opposition because for some reason I was on some Katy/Daemon high and that was all I cared about. But when I read Dawson and Beth’s story which is really where it all began, they freaking love each other like nobody’s business, man. Their love is so sweet and so passionate, I fell in love with how freaking how cute they both were. They were so encompassed by one another. You’d think they were the first biracial couple, man. They paved the way for all Lux/Human lovers in West Virginia.

Somewhere along the way, Beth gets hurt pretty badly. (Well, she dies but that’s beside the point.) So Dawson saves her by healing her, except his powers kind of happen to mutate her. She becomes what is known as a hybrid, giving her the ability to pull some freaky stunts from the Source.

At the end of the book, Dawson and Beth get attacked by a group of Arum whom you find out later in the series, happen to be working with a subgroup of the DOD called Daedalus. But that’s not important yet. If you were reading this book first without any prior knowledge, you would think that Beth and Dawson die because a couple of DOD agents come to Dawson’s house to tell Daemon and Dee that their brother and his girlfriend’s bodies were found in the woods. FEELS man. FUCKNG. FEELS. Because Daemon and Dee’ reaction were devastating.

That’s the end of Beth and Dawson. For now.

So begins Obsidian. Where we are focused on human Katy Swartz, and Luxen Daemon Black. Booknerd Katy (Remember when I said I’d love to talk to Katy, ah yeah) moves from Florida to this small nothing of a shady town with her single mom, next to a couple of alien twins. If you like bad boys, Daemon is the brother for you. And shit, the son of bitch is such a dick to Katy for the most part of the book, but only because he’s trying to repel her from his sister Dee (who wants Katy to be her best friend). You can’t help but hate him and love him at the same time. He has good reason to hate humans since his brother fell in love with one and now he’s gone, but his attitude toward Katy is unnerving. However, the tension between the two is so freaking hot it becomes explosive when they’re too close. God it’s so good. They just belong with each other, since they mouth each other off so much there’s no possible other match for them. Nobody else could handle it. Not to mention they’re undeniably attracted to each other.

The whole books is mainly just Katy being totally stubborn and determined to be friends with Dee by ignoring an equally stubborn Daemon’s requests to stay away. Too bad he like, never leaves her alone even though he tries. (Kindofnotreally).

Somewhere towards the middle/end, Katy almost gets crushed by a Mack Truck, until Daemon puts a pause on time and gets her out of the way on time. Not before she realizes what he did though obviously. She takes a different approach to the news about aliens than Beth did, I think. Probably the more normal reaction which would be to run like hell from the inhuman creature that just stopped a semi-truck.

Let’s get things straight though before you make any assumptions about Katy, I like Katy. In fact, I love Katy Swartz. She’s great, honestly. I always feel like I can relate to her, she’s so funny and spunky, and she’s not one of those helpless female protagonists that just gets into trouble all the time not being able to do anything except sit there and cry. Katy cat, is a fighter you guys. She’s pretty badass when she wants to be and she has mad respect for the ones she loves, enough so that she would put her life on the line to defend them. So when she gets almost struck down by a semi-truck I’d say it was more of an actual accident than anything, just human error.

Anyway. Daemon has to make Katy chill and understand what he is until she gets a grasp on the fact that aliens exist. When she does, she takes it fairly well the second time around thinking about the idea that Luxen are basically humans with more abilities and better looking faces/bodies. *sigh* they’ve got the whole package.

Now that Katy knows the truth, Daemon allows her to be friends with his sister only if she keeps their secret and doesn’t risk his sister’s life. Having this knowledge, Daemon feels at liberty to only get closer to Katy, especially since he says she’s a liability. (EXCUSES) Until he realizes how freaking awesome Katy is when she kills an Arum who almost killed Daemon on their way home from a party. A party in which Katy was basically harassed by a schoolmate, Simon Cutters (Remember that name), after a homecoming dance, but Daemon, being the possessive but incredibly gorgeous alien he is, puts Simon in his place and takes Katy home. Maybe they got attacked by Arum on a different occasion. Hm. I don’t remember. Ah well, not important. What’s important is, SHE SAVED DAEMON’S LIFE. DAEMON. Who is supposed to be one of the most powerful Luxen in the community. Like. Yeah girl. *high five*

At the end of the book, Katy gets hurt preeeeetty badly when she’s followed by an Arum (again) since she took it upon herself to lure the Arum away from Dee, because SHE’S A FREAKING BOSS. (& a hero. Thnx katy. We lov u.) Daemon and Dee come to help out in the fight, and Katy holds pretty well on her own but she got knocked down.

Sorry. Focus. So, Daemon saves her life by healing her, except he kinda mutates her. Like Dawson and Beth.

Moving on to Onyx. Katy Swartz is now a mutated hybrid and becomes basically linked to Daemon through some weird alien bond. She knows when he’s around before he’s actually there and their hearts beat exactly the same. Except in this book, Daemon has got the major hots for Katy, and he ain’t gonna lie. He lays it on thick. Katy feels the same but she’s completely revolted by the idea of being with him since she thinks he hated her so strongly in the beginning after humiliating and alienating her, and she claims their attraction stems from the alien bond.

During school, a new boy (Blake) moves into town and into Katy’s life. He weasels his way in pretty quickly by going on dates with Katy and all, but then she finds out that he knows what she is because he’s a hybrid too.

Not only do Daemon and Dee totally dislike the guy because they have bad vibes around him, (mostly Dee since Daemon just hates the boy for hitting on his bae) but after Daemon finds out that Katy’s gonna be trained by Blake, he about blows off his top. Daemon’s hatred toward Blake knows no bounds. It’s really quite hilarious honestly. Especially with all the names he calls him. Just anything that starts with a B. Including Bilbo Baggins.

Oh, Daemon. My sweet testosterone fueled alien, how I love you so.

Then shit hits the proverbial fan when Katy happens to see Beth in a van with Brian Vaughn so she does some researching finding out that Will, her mom’s new doctor boyfriend, Blake the hybrid, and Brian Vaughn are all connected. Will is actually Beth’s uncle who was sick until his cancer went into remission and he wants to do everything in his power to keep it that way. He strikes up a deal with Brian Vaughn, who’s not only a bad DOD officer, but also Blake’s uncle who doesn’t really give a flying fuck about Blake. So when Blake holds Katy hostage in her own home to call his uncle Vaughn, Dee comes over at the wrong time and tries to save Katy. OH. Dee has a nice boyfriend named Adam, whom is also a beautiful blonde Luxen boy that actually liked and welcomed Katy unlike his siblings: Ash and Andrew. Adam and Dee come into Katy’s house not realizing what was going on and what they were walking into. Blake, who’s a trained hybrid takes a shot at Adam and Dee when they walk in and that blow was enough to kill Adam.

Daemon and the others come and get everything under control, killing Vaughn and unfortunately letting Blake go free. When Ash and Dee weep over Adam’s lifeless body, ugh man. That scene gets me every time. My kind words don’t even do Adam justice. He was meant to be with Dee and they actually loved each other so much and her heart was ripped out. IT KILLED ME.

It killed Dee too, because she was never the same after that. Including the fact that she basically shuns Katy out of her life (who used to be her best friend). It’s awful.

Well, Daemon is totally pissed about losing his good friend, but filled with hope that his brother may still be alive since Beth is alive. Knowing that they’re linked, one can’t live without the other. So if Beth’s living, then so is Dawson.

Will kidnaps Katy and keeps her in this cage laced with Onyx, which is a stone that apparently weakens the Luxen and hybrids, even harms and probably kills them too. His goal is to lure out Daemon and strike up a deal with him to mutate Will in order to release Katy and Dawson. Remember, Will wants to basically be cancer free forever but, the thing about mutating humans, is that the Luxen has to really want it. Too bad for Will that Daemon didn’t really want it, cause Daemon healed Will, but he didn’t give a shit. So, there goes Will off into the sunset with his fading mutation.

At the end, Daemon and Katy make it home safe and sound and then Daemon drops everything when they see Dawson standing on the porch of their house. Daemon runs to hug his brother and ah gahd, that scene in which the two brothers reunite is the darndest thing. Daemon being that truly happy just does things for me you would never understand. Or maybe you do.

As for Opal, Katy and Daemon have already decided to throw caution to the wind and date each other. Instead of denying the fact that they basically belong together end even though they’ll probably end up murdering each other one day. That’s the best kind of love I guess.

Now that they’ve got Dawson back, they’re wondering what lies ahead considering the fact that Daedalus just let him go? I don’t think so. Then Blake happens to just pop back up on the radar and into their lives. Trusting that they’ll listen to him before killing him on the spot. He threatens them, saying that if they don’t help him rescue his Luxen buddy Chris, and end up killing him, Nancy Husher (one of the head honchos in Daedalus) will find out and put them bitches down.

Btw. Tell me, this doesn’t look like Nancy Husher. I just feel like if there was a movie, this would be Husher. I can’t get over it. I refuse to accept anyone else as Nancy.

Finding out that Blake knows his way around this facility called Mount Weather, he tells them (Katy, Daemon, Dawson, Dee, Ash, Andrew, and Matthew) that he knows where both Beth and Chris are, and they can help each other. It’s a win win sort of.

That is, if you can trust Blake. Which no one really does since he murdered their friend in cold blood.

Blake happens to know this guy who owns a private club in a skeevy backwoods area. This guy—named Luc—can actually help them in their game plan to break into Mount Weather and rescue the two guineas pigs. Luc just so happens to be a very different kind of…person, he’s a kid around 14, first of all and second of all, he ain’t a Luxen, but he’s not a hybrid either. But you’ll find more about that out later on. Luc and his pretty Luxen buddy named Paris agree to shut down the security systems in the facility to help the group out. Luc’s a very important character, so pay close attention to him.

Later on, Katy gets attacked by a school friend named Carissa who used to be human until she disappeared and came back as an uncontrollable hybrid. She became a mutation gone wrong and she explodes in Katy’s bedroom after a little brawl which shakes up Katy, and leaves her in a state of shock.

More kids mysteriously disappear from the little town whilst Katy and her buds are on their way over to Mount Weather for some good old B & E. They have fifteen minutes to get in and out with all the security systems down thanks to Luc and his genius. Everything seems to be going fine until they run into some Onyx shields. Which are puffs of Onyx released into the air when the doors open. So Katy and Dawson pass out as soon as they’re drenched in the stuff, leaving Daemon, Blake, and Andrew to carry them both back to safety which basically screws up the entire plan. They abandon ship and recover from the blow.

After learning about the Onyx shields, Blake insists that they can gain an immunity to the Onyx for at least a short amount of time, enough to be able to walk through the shields the second time around. They all agree it’s their best bet, especially poor Dawson who’s completely enthusiastic about the idea of enduring horrendous amounts of pain so that he can save Beth. They get ready to raid Mount Weather a second time, with Luc’s help once again.

Not before Daemon takes Katy to prom though. Just to give her some sort of grounding normalcy. It’s really just the most selfless and thoughtful thing even though prom’s kinda ghey. Daemon being a romantic is just out of the ball park, so when he surprises Katy with a layout of blankets and food by their private lake, you can’t help but shed a tear cause it’s so freaking sweet. (Not to mention it’s their last night together for a while. What?)

Somewhere right before going to Prom and the Mount Weather plan, Katy finds Will sitting at her kitchen table looking a little worse for wear. Hold on a second though, HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE GONNA JUST SHOW UP IN KATY’S HOUSE LIKE THIS. It’s so creepy.

She does a little verbal sparring with Will and makes him angry, angry enough to pull out his pistol and shoot, except she gets him back, killing him just in time. That is, until she realizes she’s been shot and now she’s lying on the cold hard floor.

Dee finds Katy on the ground and gets Andrew and Dawson to bring Daemon (who’s now dying as well since Katy is) beside Katy. They share a little last words moment, but Daemon manages to heal her and all is well.

So during the second time around, they all make like alien ninjas to break in and rescue Beth and Chris once again. Everything seems to be going fine, they get past the shields with their immunity, and even make it to the floor with all the prisoners, there they find Bethany who’s obviously scarred beyond relief, and Blake grabs Chris telling them all they have to get out within the few minutes they have left. Beth follows closely behind Dawson, and Katy with Daemon, as well as Matthew.

EVERYTHING WAS FINE until Simon Cutters, appears out of nowhere standing in front of them when they elevator doors open. They waste a few minutes trying to fight him off until Daemon snaps his neck and they continue onward towards freedom.

It was going perfect, just like they planned. The door to the outside was right there in front of their faces, but when Blake makes it out alive with Chris, holding the Opal necklace he stole from Katy, he gives her this evil smile. Like “I got you.” Then this group of Arum come into the hall and slow the group down, they all try fighting them off but understanding they need to just get out hits them, they make a run for it but one of the downed Arum grabs hold of Katy’s leg, slowing her down and putting enough distance in between her and Daemon for a blue light of death to appear and nearly cut their faces off. This scene is just so heart wrenching because Matthew and Dawson have to tug Daemon out to safety behind the door, but they have no choice except to leave Katy there. Daemon puts up a fight against his fellow Luxen and cries out to Katy who’s just on the other side of the light. He even tells her “I love you” for the first time, then the door closes in his face. And that’s it.

Origin starts with Katy waking up to being held hostage in a Nevada facility, Area 51. She meets Sergeant Dasher there who explains where she is and why she’s being kept (they say she’s a potential threat to national security, which I can understand) and he tells her why she’s gonna cooperate, since there’s Onyx literally, everywhere, in this torture chamber. They try to justify the reason that they’re keeping Katy here is to make sure she’s not an unstable hybrid. Also, so that they can recruit her into their freaky army as a defense against any extraterrestrial threats.

She first sees the experiments they’re doing and finds that they’re looking for a cure to diseases—even cancer—with this stuff called LH-11, by using Luxen who have volunteered to be tested on. So Luxen actually go to Daedalus willingly just for…the greater good? Blake shows up in Katy’s cell asking for her cooperation, of course she only fires up with rage at the sight of him for betraying her. For the second time.

On the other side of the story Daemon is hell-bent on getting Katy back. He breaks out of the Luxen community that Matthew, Dawson, and the others locked him up in to keep him from doing something stupid like rescue Katy on his own.

He goes home to say goodbye to Dawson and Dee, and Beth—who’s now a cracked nut—they don’t even try to stop him because they know they can’t. He gets some money to support him and Kat for a while after they hopefully escape Area 51, and he steals Matthew’s car to inconspicuously make his way to Luc’s club and find out if he knew Blake was planning on betraying them all along.

When he gets to Luc’s club, he doesn’t get much of straight answer other than that Blake is just an untrustworthy dick. He runs into this Arum at the club named Hunter and it turns out he’s with a human woman named Serena, like with her with her. Which is off for Arum. He’s also getting help from Luc, which Daemon doesn’t take well, they sort of butt heads for a second until they’re both pulled apart with little effort from Luc, stunning them both. He does get a fair warning from Luc that something big is arising that’s much bigger than any of their problems, and he gets Luc’s word that he can help Daemon get Katy out of the facility with assistance from ‘his people’ who are on the inside.

Daemon makes for Mount Weather, unsure if Kat’s even there anymore but his goal is to have them bring him to her. So he gets caught by Daedalus on purpose.

They put Katy under a series of “stress tests” which is just nudging her into a room with another hybrid who’s been basically brainwashed, to fight. That’s how they’re supposedly able to judge her stability as hybrid and if she’s safe to be in society. She refuses to fight anyone and repeatedly gets beaten and bloodied up, which leaves her stuck in her cell, swollen and bruised everywhere. This is where you see this guard named Archer who’s been ‘guarding’ her the whole time, show a little compassion. He’s the only one who’s slightly nice to her. He fed her the first time she was there and he comes to her cell and cleans up her wounds. Katy’s most successful test was the one in which she has to fight Blake, he goads her until she’s angry enough to fight back and ends up killing him. And just like that, that’s the end of Blake. Daemon successfully captured by Nancy Husher, is brought back to Area 51 where he was once brought to as a child. Nancy lets him see footage of Kat’s stay at the facility, including the bits with Blake, as well as mentioning the fact that Katy’s killed Blake and is now deemed dangerous, which of course Daemon denies since he knows she did it after being provoked.

They let him see Kat and even stay with her for the most part. It’s obvious the reason they do this is to not only study the scientific bond between the two but probably in hopes that they’ll get a baby Origin out of the two. The big bad secret weapon they’ve been keeping hidden from Katy and Daemon are the Origins. Which are the offspring of Luxen and Hybrids. Luc, for example, is an Origin – as well as Archer. Origin’s generally have a purple/Amethyst eye color, and with the DNA of Hybrids and Luxen, they’re more powerful than both combined.

Somehow, with both Luc and Archer’s help, they make it out alive and well and meet up with the ole rag tag group of aliens plus Luc, Paris, and Archer. Since they make it out, Katy and Daemon get the chance to have some alone time at last.

Since they’re near Las Vegas, they take the opportunity to elope in a little chapel under some fake names.

Back at the safe house, Archer and Dee bond, Dawson and Beth hole themselves up together, Ash and Andrew talk with the others, and then it turns out that Archer over hears Matthew talking on the phone with Daedalus, the traitor bitch. Dawson ends up killing Matthew for his betrayal and they make a run for it. The DOD shows up to ruin everything so their plan is to expose themselves and cause a distraction. They make a big ass show of exposing what they are and a few humans and Paris, Ash, and Andrew get killed in the process but they make it out in one of Luc’s getaway cars.

When they get a chance to cool off, and out of Vegas, Dawson ends up telling Daemon that Beth is pregnant which is like a HOLYSHIT moment.

At the very end of the book, all the Luxen step out of the house almost in a trance when they see thousands of lights coming from the sky and landing on the Earth, surrounding the house. Daemon, Dee, and Dawson all disappear after going to the surrounding Luxen, leaving Kat, Beth, Luc, Archer, and Paris behind.

The fifth and final book, Opposition begins with the remaining group confused as to what’s happening with the Blacks. Since Beth’s pregnant they go out to collect some Prenatal Vitamins amongst other pregnant lady needs, like food.

Katy’s a little distraught as to why Daemon would join the rabid Luxen who want to rule the world and obliterate the human race. She ends up in the mansion that houses the hostile aliens, and she learns that the crude demeanor that Daemon and Dawson use is only to throw the bad guys off and think they’re on their side when really it’s all just a façade, except for Dee, who’s become a raging bitch, brainwashed beyond relief.

They all make it out except for Dee, so they eventually have to go back and get her somehow if she’ll listen. The good Luxen, and Origins, and Hybrids have to team up with—get this—the Arum in order to stand up against the psychotic Luxen as well as get Dee back. That’s where Hunter and Serena the couple come in, to sort of work as a glue between the two species. Unfortunately, a lot of lives are lost and there’s plenty of destruction everywhere. Sadly, Kat’s mother, Kellie didn’t make it and the scene is always so devastating man. I tell ya, my heart just turned into dust after that. No matter how many times I read it, the hurt never stops. Katy hardly ever even got to say goodbye to her mom.

In the end, good prevails and they all live happily ever after. Katy and Daemon are happily married, Luc the Origin Mogul basically got everything he wants, Dawson and Beth have a baby girl, Archer and Dee enjoy plenty of trips to Olive Garden since he was raised by the DOD and never really had much of a childhood, or a normal life outside of being a soldier.

As for Obsession, the spin off in the series, which I still consider a part of it because there’s cameo appearances of beloved characters. It’s the tale of Serena the witty and outspoken human who kind of falls for this super-hot Arum named Hunter. He tries everything in his power not to feel for her what he does, but he ends up falling hard for her anyway. Defying everything the Arum stand for, Serena and Hunter make a good team and end up helping Daemon and Katy’s crew in Opposition. NOW. Let me just say, Obsession may be a part of the series, but it is in no way a Young Adult book. It’s pretty graphic in every way possible. So, if you’re expecting a sex scene in which Jennifer kind of skims over the dirty parts and cleans it up in a way that it won’t be R-Rated, then this ain’t it. That being said, I actually liked Obsession a lot more than I thought I would, because I was so against the Arum and I was like, “WHY WOULD SHE WRITE AN ENTIRE BOOK ON THE ENEMY.” But alas, you realize why it’s sort of good to have the knowledge that this book gives you and the different perspectives is a nice and comfortable change.

Well, my fellow booknerdigans, this has been a Lovish review, sorry it was way longer than I had anticipated it would be. BUT, I hope it can convince some of you to read the series and fall in love with them like I did.

This is me, signing off. Have a splendiferous day everyone.


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