Would You Rather?

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Would you rather kiss my butt or kiss Chris Hemsworth’s butt?

That’s obvious. I know what you’d all say.


I know, I know.

So in this book tag, there is a list of questions pertaining to books and what you would rather do between the two options. Imagine that.

Let’s do this thang.

Read only trilogies or standalones?

Ah Gahd. Probably trilogies. Standalone novels make me sad. There’s not enough book. Unless the book is big enough to equal three or more books, I generally feel really unsatisfied after standalones. I think trilogies really give you the chance to delve deep into the story and fall in love with characters and watch them grow and whatnot. It’s just a lot more content. And mama like me some content.

Read only female or male authors?

Oh, dear. Nonono. This simply won’t do. I do not like this question at all. An author’s gender should never matter in the choosing of book preferences. Honestly, they all pretty much have their own aesthetic and writing style and that’s what makes me choose who I prefer to read. A lot of my favorite books have been written by both males and females. So I refuse to answer this with a straight answer.

Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

Actually, I’ve recently discovered this wonderful place called the Book Outlet. It really is a wonderful place, they have both new and old books of all genres for books under $5. I mean. It’s awesome. Unless my dad decides he wants to take spontaneous trip to B&E (his favorite coffee/hangout spot) then I’ll probably leave with a bag of books in hand.

All books become Movies or TV shows?

This is a very tough question. As a person who’s very well attuned to the entertainment industry, I have a list of pros and cons for both. God. See, with movies, you generally get the very best quality of special effects, and maybe music, and actors, and script, no commercials. Etc. However, you get a limited time frame, and if it’s a series, you’ll probably have to rely on ratings and contracts to hope for any sequels, then if there is a sequel, you get to play the waiting game. Then with TV shows, they get to dedicate a bit more details and elongate the books into the story. The characters will probably be more developed because you see more of them, the plot is a little less rushed. However, the quality of special effects and editing may not be the very best since they have to release, finish, and create the production within a shorter time frame, the script may be botched and kind of corny, something about it will be off, you’ll get commercials, and it could get cancelled even if you like it. So in other words, I think I’d have to pick movies.

Read 5 Pages per day or 5 books per week?

What the shit. I hate this mean question too. UGHHHHH. I guess, 5 books per day. But, let it be known that I am an incredibly lazy person. Even when it comes to doing the things I enjoy. I just, don’t want to hold up a book sometimes. Or color a drawing. Or answer a text. Or breathe (just because I’m too lazy. not suicidal.)

Be a professional reviewer or author?

AW MANE. I do love tearing apart people’s work. Kidding, but I do honestly love reading and then getting to kind of explain and talk about how much I fangirled or didn’t like a book is actually fun. However, I think creating your own story with your own characters (your babies) and your own world, and getting to share it with other people and having them fall in love with it would be a great feeling. So. Author.

Only read your 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

GODDAMIT. I don’t even know. I mean, in this case, theoretically my favorite 20 would probably be movies, right? So then I could just watch the movie and remember my favorite scenes in the book. So I guess read new books that I could fall in love with. I would hate to hate my favorite books because I could potentially get tired of them.

Be a librarian or book seller?

Book Seller, just because in that case, I’d probably get an employee discount and then I could take home books all the time. Then authors could potentially come to our store for signings and readings, I mean, that’d be pretty cool.

Only read your favorite genre, or ever genre except your favorite?

Um. Do I even have a favorite genre? Is it sci-fi? Is that a genre? Cause I love my aliens. In that case, I think I’d only read my favorite genre. I can’t live without my extra-terrestrial angels. *Pats stuffed ET on his hooded head*

Only read physical books or eBooks?

Physical books. NEXT?


Oh, that’s it.

Well then, this has been a sad book tag. I apologize for my stupidity and wasting your time if you actually took the time to read this. If you liked it though, you should do it and then and then and then you could comment a linky and I can look at yours and be like “ooooh they are so right” or “ooooh what are they thinking?” Not really, but it’s fun. I promise. It’s mostly fun.



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