Have courage and be kind… (A ‘kind’ review)


“Ella, you have more kindness in your little finger than most people possess in their whole body. Where there is kindness, there is goodness, and where there is goodness, there is magic.”

*Starts crying at the beautiful words of advice*

I almost didn’t want to try doing a review on Cinderella because it’s already been a couple weeks since it came out, but to hell with it! I’m gonna do one anyway.

If any of you didn’t already know—as is stated at the very top of my page—I love Disney. Like, I love Disney so much, people that don’t know, know that’s a proven fact about me. I would probably give up my first born child for Disney.

Then I’d probably take it back right after, since I worked really hard to birth a human being. Cam an.

That being said, as much as I love Disney…there’s one thing that always falls flat for me in Disney. Their live action movies. I’ll admit that there are a few live action Disney movies that I’ve admired, such as The Pirates of the Caribbean, Saving Mr. Banks…some Marvel/Disney produced flicks, and a select few others. To me, they struggle with crossing the boundary that is turning a child safe plot into a live action movie suitable and entertaining for adult viewers with all the bells and whistles.

Ever since I saw the first teaser for Cinderella, I was like “Okay, self. You are not allowed to have any expectations for this movie. None. Up until the very moment that I was dragging my parents into the theatre to see this, I went in with zero expectations at all.

Which is good, because either this movie was really aesthetically pleasing to the eye, or not having any expectations made it look great.

I loved it. Commence the celebratory dance of a successful movie.

Cinderella had every aspect I could have hoped for. The animated version of Cinderella was never my favorite because a lot of things just seemed rushed and never really clicked together. Which is all very understandable since they had to fit an entire story into a 60 some minute timeframe, but still. Cinderella pathetically cried behind the locked door in her attic for how long? She couldn’t find something to break that ancient fragile door down?

And that Prince Charming? That has got to be the most generic drawing of a prince I have ever seen. I mean look at him.

He looks like someone got stuck with “drawing the prince” and they half-assed it really quick. I’m sorry, but he is just not okay.

Kenneth Branagh made me love Cinderella more than I did before. I’d say out of all the Cinderella adapted movies, this one is by far my favorite.

Followed by Ella Enchanted and Ever After.

Branagh just has this touch that adds magic to his movies. He did amazing with Thor and he did incredible with Cinderella. I loved this movie more than the animated feature because it gives a lot more to the plot, instead of just saying here’s a girl, her parents died, her step family is mean, she goes to a ball, and she falls in love. He creates fillers. You see her mother and how Ella takes after her, you see her father and what he does and what it’s like for this sweet little family until Lady Tremaine and her precious daughters are brought into the picture. You get to see more of Kit, (aka Robb Stark, for all my GOT fans out there) the dreadfully handsome prince, and what he’s dealing with at home and how he’s completely struck by the mysterious girl he met in the woods.

Oh oops. Wrong gifs…

And the cinematography…Oh my god the cinematography is stunning. So many colors, such beautiful shots. It’s freaking gorgeous.

All in all, the movie was stupendous.

I loved getting to see bits and pieces of the cartoon come to life as it was translated into the movie. Such as the scene where she’s crying by the well after her step family of monsters tore her dress apart. I gotta say, I love love loved Lady Tremaine and her daughters. They were so dang mean and cruel, they gave off the perfect villainous vibe. Cate Blanchett is perfect, and completely spot on as the wicked stepbitch.

There were even a few scenes where I got all teary eyed and had to contain my tears such as when she finds out her father died and she just kinda sits there weeping, or even when Kit is at his father’s deathbed and he curled up next to him like a child would. It was just so dang emotional and choked me up for some reason.



I loved getting to hear ‘Lavender’s Blue’ included in this movie. For some reason the lullaby was familiar, and it gave me such nostalgic memories of being little and hearing it somewhere.

For lack of a better word, it was magical. If you love Disney as much as I do, go see it if you haven’t yet. I mean, I’ve seen it twice already. What are you doing with your life? Go wash.  If you don’t like Disney, but like fun and whimsical movies with a touch of adventure, see it. OR, if you’re not either, but you love GOT, go see it, because that Madden tho.

I’d give it a 4/5 stars. (Wow, I give everything 4 stars.)


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