Here Goes Nothing

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Why are introductions always so awkward?

I guess I should start off by saying Hi, my name is Kirsten and I like stuff. That’s a bit vague, but I’d like to keep this post short and simple. I’m nineteen years old, and while mostly everyone I know is out “having a good time” and socializing, I prefer to stay at home and engage in my favorite activities which goes as follows: reading, watching TV (mostly movies), smothering my pets with unrequited love, sleeping, and eating. That might sound sad and dull to you, but I genuinely love what I do.

I’ve always wanted to start blogging, and I have–in the past, I just never stuck with it. See, blogging takes passion and time. The passion is there since I have a knack for writing, but I have got to be the laziest person I know. I’m a vicious procrastinator and I have trouble with keeping up certain things. Such as blogging.  So maybe if I just write about what I love (books, movies, and a few other things), this could potentially work out.


I’ll give it a go…


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