The Queen of Shadows in an Empire of Storms (a double review)

So, we meet again. My dearest booknerdigans. Thank you all for following me here and actually sticking around even if I am a shite writer and awful blogger. I do it all for you guys. And me. But mostly you.

Anyway. So glad I finished that one fallen angel series, we had sort of a love hate relationship, and I loved certain parts that made me laugh and the characters were cute and all, but I’m also really glad it’s over. Until I found that they made a MOVIE of it and I was like “well, I can’t just let this go unwatched considering I dedicated a few months of my life to this series.” I watched it, it was terrible, no surprise there. I mean it could have been worse I guess, but it was pretty cringe worthy, it gave me flashbacks to my Twilight years.

Back to my latest read though, I caved and bought the last two Throne of Glass installments instead of waiting for the paperbacks ‘cause I really couldn’t wait any longer. So now I may just have to go back and buy hard covers of the first three, sell the paperbacks and my collection will be completely aesthetically pleasing. I zipped through Queen of Shadows pretty quickly, but also was too lazy to make a proper post about it, but now I’ve just finished Empire of Storms and I figured since Empire is significantly smaller than Shadows, I’d just combine the two and condense them into one post.

Can I just start of by first saying that there’s just so many freaking beautiful couples in these last two books man and I SHIP THEM ALL BECAUSE THEY ALL BELONG TOGETHER AND EVERYONE HAS SOMEONE AND I CAN DIE HAPPY BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL HAPPY AND PERFECT TOGETHER.


BUT, I will say it all might have been just too convenient that they all sort of fell in love and found someone at the same time. I meannnnnnnnn.

Cam an.


As with all my reviews, there’s bound to be spoilers, so read at yer own risk ay.

Well. Let’s see, where do I even start? I guess we start with Queen of Shadows, but I’ll try to keep this short regardless of the fact that there was so much in the book. I had to pull a few near-all nighters to get through it. Which I’m still paying for, I have lost too much sleep over these books. What I love so much about Maas’ novels is the fact that her stories delve deep into a world of fantasy and imagination that it truly takes you there, and it’s easy to forget where you really are. She sure knows how to break YA stereotypes and gives the reader a sense of something new that you don’t usually get in this genre.

Aelin is back from Wendlyn with a purpose and a plan. She’s still the same girl (Celaena) that we’d all come to fall in love with and laugh with and cry with, and yet she’s changed in the best ways and developed into such a strong young woman who really is ready to take on the role of Queen. She’s going to get back a few things along the way such as her lost cousin, her territorial fae bastard boyfriend, her imprisoned best friend, and revenge for those she’s lost. And she’s gonna do it with old and new friends, with such badassery you’ll be cheering the baddest badass of all badasses the whole way.


There are moments within the story where Aelin actually shows us sides of her that we’ve never seen, she’s not as sad and broken but more mature, and kinder, more open to love those around her. There were so many touching moments that just make you proud to see how much braver this girl has become, and you keep thinking about how incredibly queenly she’ll be one day.


I gotta say, I’m so glad that Manon Blackbeak was in this one more often and I got to feel better about her as a character, I think I used to sort of brush her off as nothing more than a secondary character but MANON IS A WAY OF LIFE. She’s so wonderfully dark and crafty yet thoughtful and intelligent, she’s got a mind of her own and one day she’ll make the rest of the witches bow to her.

AND WHEN MANON MEETS AELIN UM OKAY. CAN I GET AN AMEN. Probably my second favorite scene in the book, cause honestly it was just such an amazing action packed, teeth gritting sequence of fighting between the two because their skills are on such an equal level of power.

We get more lovely and incredible female characters that are worthy of your unyielding admiration such as the witty and cunning Lysandra, the brave and heartfelt Elide Lochan, and lastly the coolest archer since Katniss Everdeen, Nesryn Faliq.

As for the men of this story, of course, Chaol’s reunion with Aelin was little more than heartbreaking since the animosity between the two is palpable. However, Chaol has and will always be a favorite of mine for his loyalty and heart. He finds respect in Aelin and she in him, when they earn each other’s trust once again and apologize for past mistakes.


Aedion Ashryver is the next best thing, simply because he’s honestly just an alternate version of Aelin in male form. He loves his Queen and cousin, he develops an interesting relationship with Lysandra and becomes a brother to Rowan—whom I will get to in a minute.

Dorian Havilliard, my sweet baby child boy, I pained for him in this book, simply because the few times where you’d see him, he’d be struggling to fight against the demon who possessed him, he nearly gave up hope and yearned for someone to put him out of his misery. Until the end of the book when he was finally free and I was flipping through the pages so fast you could feel the sound barrier vibrating. He’s such a strong and now broken character, it just makes you want to put him in a box for safety and keep him from the harsh world where he’ll never be hurt or used again. Maybe throw a Manon in there for his company.

Now, Rowan Whitehorn, oh my, Rowan freaking Whitehorn, you territorial fae bastard prince man, whom I am forever in love with until the end of my days. When he finds Aelin and they hug and it’s just soul crushing because it hurts so good you just want to bend over backwards for them so they can be happy and sarcastic together for a thousand years at least. His gentle character and lusty feels for Aelin are laughable and fulfilling in every way possible, and then he’s an intimidating and awesome warrior outside of that Aelin bubble that he lives in. I just really need them to make beautiful babies and live in a perfect country where they don’t have to be manipulated by anyone.

Arobynn Hamel got what was coming for him in this novel, by the hands of Lysandra and it was oh so satisfying, finally he got what he deserved, a nice slow and painful death in such a vulnerable position too. How much I enjoyed his death had me questioning my own character.

This book is just overall such a dark and wonderfully bloody mess of perfection. It was a well-coordinated and thought out plot preparing you for the end and what’s to come in Empire of Storms and you just understand so much more that you could have missed or questioned in previous books. The Valg, the king, the duke (who’s an even worse dick than we all might have imagined) and the obnoxious queen, Maeve.

This book was not without issues or flaws however, there were a few things that had me irking the scene or the character, which I won’t point out specifics, but the rest of the book and the fact that this one felt like a nice “here, hope you feel better” letter after the heartbreak of Heir of Fire and previous books. Everything turns out better and everyone seems to be getting better. So it all works out—for the better.

So maybe it did get a little slow here and there, mostly parts in the middle, and maybe there didn’t need to be so much fluff, but I love me some fluff, and a little extra unexpected fluff in a Maas book is more than welcome in my world. At least everyone in the story is getting a happier ending.


Now onto Empire of Storms, I want to mention that if you’ve read Assassin’s Blade then you’ll be delighted to know that most of those characters and places are going to make an appearance or be acknowledged in this book. I never read that novella, and might do so in the future, but that is what I’ve heard.


You find yourself with Aelin and her squad confronting a few Lords of Terrasen who decide they don’t necessarily care for Aelin or the fact that she thinks she’s already queen, since no official move has been made, she has to prove herself and her court as worthy of Terrasen. I can kinda see things from their point of view, but also they don’t need to be assholes about it.


A lot of the story just goes over Aelin and her crew meandering across the sea and land to gain allies and whatnot, as well as the explosive relationships between all of them. Particularly Aelin and Rowan, then there’s Elide and Lorcan who take the story to a different part of the land, and I found myself slightly more interested in what those two were doing rather than my favorite crew, but that’s only the beginning and middle, afterwards it really takes off.

I also kinda want to mention that I wasn’t too enamored with Aelin in this book than I was in others, maybe I didn’t get enough from her POV and that might be a good thing, since you see her more as someone else and what she’s like from other character’s POV’s. She does seem a little distant and on her own with making plans, but she’s setting them all up for greatness and yes, she’s doing it all for the greater good.


Ah and the sex scenes, oh my, were there some sensory scenes in this book, for some reason they caught me a little off guard and maybe I haven’t read many romantic YA’s as of late, nor have I read the ACOTAR series yet, so maybe I’ve just forgotten how sex can be in these books, but also this is YA and there’s bound to be a much younger range of audience reading this book amirite? Honestly, I couldn’t care less what anyone else in the grade school age range is reading, I read Fifty Shades when I was too young, so who am I to say anything, but that was an adult novel, and now I look at these scenes and they seem maybe just a bit too excessively graphic for a YA novel? Whether they’re there or not doesn’t bother me, I’m just saying maybe Maas could have eased up a bit on the details. They were actually a little unnecessary, I think there were a few we could have done without, what I couldn’t do without was the WEDDING.


How dare she throw in a secret wedding and not let anyone see/read about this beautiful union goddammit. It was like “Surprise! We’re married!” while Rowan’s thinking “wait, where my wife at?” And I’m just trying to mull over the fact that they got married and I missed that shit.

I love Chaol with all my heart still, and I’m a little sad he wasn’t in this book, but I also now that he’s bedridden I’m afraid that would have been a little slow and disconnected from this book, so I’m just glad he’s at least getting his own book. That’ll tie me over until the next one.

Ah and that ending man, what a freakin killer. It was hard watching/reading Aelin getting whipped again and her friends/allies are unable to help her and Rowan’s not even there and we all just really hate Maeve even more, but it was sort of great because in the very very end, it sets you up and gets you excited for the next book which doesn’t come out for another 3 billion years, but hey, at least we’ve got the Chaol book and coloring books and then the ACOTAR series.

Alas, it was a pleasure writing for you all, I wish you all have a wonderful evening and I wish you all the best in your week of reading, or not reading, whatever floats your boat.

SIDE NOTE: That incredible piece of art at the top is by Charlie Bowater. Her art is amazing and if you have not seen any of it yet, you should go check her out, she has lots of Maas fanart.


Book Blog Tour for Cards from Khloe’s Flower Shop



A while back, I was invited by Amy at  Book Buddy Author Services to join in and helping to promote on this blog tour for Cards From Khloe’s Flower Shop, by Isabella Louise Anderson.


I was grateful and pleasantly surprised that they found my dumb little blog and kindly sent a copy of the book for me to read and review. I would have preferred to fully immerse myself in the whole experience if I had a Facebook thing for my blog, as well as a Goodreads and Twitter, and I would have gone on to promote it on my Instagram, but I’m currently in the midst of trying to condense my bookstagram into my personal account instead of keeping them separate. I’m a loser and I’m really bad at keeping with social media, so it’s easy if I just keep it simple and stick to one.

One day, when I’m so so wealthy and have the time,

 I’ll hire an assistant to update my social media for me. Then I can just stick to vomiting some words out and letting everyone enjoy it.


(I have a bad habit of getting off topic here.)

As you all know, or don’t know, I’ve been really busy with personal life and juggling several reads at the same time for the sake of my blog but that never works out well so I’ll simply stick to one read at a time. I did finish that fallen angel series I mentioned last, and I wasn’t particularly crazy for it, also, I never wrote anything down for it, so that’s going to be a review we’ll never see simply fly out the window. I finally got to re-pick up Queen of Shadows, finallythankyoubabyjesus. I’m pretty stoked about that and I’ll review that asap, fortunately this book that I’m going to review was a very brief read so I was able to pick it up and read it in about a day because I am quicker than lightning, baby.

Alas, I am trying to be my best and keep this blog up and running and tidy and, and… and alive?

Before I jump into the review, I just want to mention that I was given a free copy of the book to give my honest thoughts and promote the story.

You all should know that I am a brutally honest person and will DESTROY YOU WITH NO REGRETS.

Ah, I’m just kidding I’m not that mean, but I’m here as a reader and I want to give my honest opinion and support authors of all kinds. I’m delighted I was given the opportunity, so if you’re reading this, thank you, Amy.

The book was in a virtual eBook form which is not my generally preferred form of book to read, it’s been a while since I’ve had an eBook and I think it was pretty decent sized, I mean it was about 400 pages or so, BUT it was in that eBook format—I don’t know man—I think they’re formatted differently than print, but I read it pretty quickly anyway. In other words, it’s a quick read, and it was a contemporary romance novel so it was nice for a day when you’re not busy and need something to make you smile and feel nice inside.

The book went through three different stories in the perspective of three different women who all get a second go at love and relationships. It’s not a young adult novel—which is what I’m usually reviewing on here, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

The first story is about a young woman in her early thirties whom owns a flower shop, and had her heart broken by her little ugly ex-boyfriend. (I just picture him as ugly, so let’s all pretend he’s ugly.)

Anyway, this guy named Derek waltzes into her shop and makes her think twice about never wanting to fall in love again. Because, oh baby.

I think this second one was my favorite of the three, for some reason it was just the most delightful and heartwarming, and overall optimistic. It goes into the life of an older woman named Gabby in her early to mid-sixties who’s lost her husband to a heart attack. She was devoted and deeply in love with her husband for all of 45 years and then she loses him suddenly—it’s sad until she decides to sign up for an online dating site and connects with a man named Harry who’s lost his spouse as well. I always think those are nice stories because it’s just like after these two people have gone through something hard and lost their better half, they feel hopeless until they realize they’re not alone and find someone else just like them.

The last and final story is about a lonely woman, Connie working in data entry for a medical company. She’s sort of a wallflower and deals with some intense self-esteem issues, and I think a lot of people that haven’t been in love before—much like Connie—have to put up with thinking they’re not good enough to be loved and so desperately want to be. She’s made up an imaginary boyfriend and even goes as far as sending herself flowers in the hopes that she’ll be noticed by her coworkers. She falls so deep into this web of lies, by actually searching for the real man named Walt and finds it difficult to get untangled when her plan is destroyed.

In its entirety, you’d kind of expect this type of story to go routinely smoothly with a few bumps along the road, but the author did a wonderful job of throwing several daggers into the pile and made it riveting enough to keep you constantly wanting more and hoping for the best. It was a sweet and truthful read about confidence and risks and finding love once more.  If ye want to feel the feels and welcome reading about love in all stages of life and situations, I’d recommend this book without a doubt. It leaves you with that sort of feeling you get after watching a video about an animal getting rescued. It’s adorable. So read it. Go now and do it, I say.

Go now.

Go now and leave me!

Now, I must go and read Queen of Shadows and cry and swoon because after a long hiatus I’ve learned to love and accept Rowan (although I still miss and love Chaol and secretly wish Aelin would stop being such a dick to him.)

Farewell, my fellow booknerdigans.

The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Well. I literally haven’t been able to write a review in a long while since I’ve been trying to finish this series about fallen angels—but good lord it’s taking me wayyy too long. There’s only four books and they’re really small, and I sort of love the characters—I do—but it’s just killing me slowly. It’s a slow series, and gets monotonous, and I guess I’ll probably review the entire thing as a whole, since I didn’t want to dole out four individuals.

Anyway, there’s been a lot of viewer activity on my blog as of late, and I feel like shite just leaving it empty and not posting anything, so I’ll do something fun and short just to get something up there.

Which leads me to The Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag. I came across this just by going through someone’s list of tags, I saw the word Zombie, then my eyes just about fell out of their sockets. So here we are, staring down a pile of books and thinking about the future of civilization resting in the hands of a few fictional characters.

If you—as the poor soul you are—have found yourself either in my shoes with nothing to write, or maybe you’re simply bored out of your mind feeling a little walker-like yourself, or you’ve just decided to scan through my word vomit without gouging your eyeballs with sporks (bless your heart) then you should most definitely take part in this tag and spread it like a virus that reanimates corpses.

Here’s how this shindig is gonna go down:

You pick five books—that’s five, as in cinco, as in your fifth finger, which is generally your pinky if you count your fingers off like the general public. Not ten, nor six, nor two, or twenty.

You’ll turn to a random page, and the very first name you feast yer eyes on, is bestowed the honor of joining your survival team.

Alas, you will apply these characters to ten different scenarios/roles in a world that has been ridden with flesh eating monsters. Like your mom. And your ex.

I’m just kidding, that was uncalled for.

Wellp, I’ve pulled five books off my shelves at random just to spice it up a little. We’ve got– already forgot the list of books, had to turn around and grab pile of books—Lux’s Opposition, The Goddess Inheritance, Washington, Catching Fire, and Eleanor & Park. Shall we dance?

And by dance, I mean dodge hordes of hungry man eaters.

  1. The first person to die: Kat from Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

OH my baby precious child incarnate of me, I am SO sorry. I love you, darling, always, I promise to put the link to your blog on your wooden headstone.

  1. The person you trip to get away from the zombies: (Jesus, that’s metal af. I dig it.) Henry aka Hades from The Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter.

Wow, this tag is already tearing me apart limb from limb and we’ve barely started. Y’all know Henry is my fantasy husband in some mythological Greek way OKAY. I WOULD NEVER TRIP YOU BABY I LOVE YOU.

  1. The first person to turn into a zombie: (Probably someone else I love, hmm? Fate? You out there?) George Washington from Washington A Life by Ron Chernow.

            I’ve lost it. The image of the president turning into a zombie is the most fascinating thing I’ve thought of all day. I guess it was inevitable, coming across his name in a book about him.

  1. The person that trips YOU to get away from zombies: Peeta Mellark from Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

OH HELL NAH. GIRL. Not even.

  1. The idiot of the team: Eleanor from Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.


Nope. Not even possible. Eleanor’s the brightest and boldest girl I know.

  1. The brains of the team: Daemon Black from Opposition.

Yeah, I could totally see it. That beautiful piece of extraterrestrial handsome is intelligent and arrogantly physically flawless, as a package.

  1. The team’s medic: (damn this survival team just so happens to have conveniently come across a living uninfected medic? Shit, that’s bourgie.) Milo from The Goddess Inheritance.

Oh that’s good. Put the infant in charge of medical care.

  1. The weapons expert: General Charles Lee from Washington A Life.

Let’s all just take a moment of silence to sigh so loudly, your ears bleed from the weight of an audible sigh. (Quick history refresh: The sore loser was shot in a duel.)

  1. The brawler: Rue from Catching Fire.

RUE was never even physically in Catching Fire, how dare you. stares self down in a mirror.

  1. The team captain: Park from Eleanor & Park.

I am okay with this. I am totally okay with this. He’d be like a more musically influenced Glenn Rhee. Both wonderfully dorky, heart and headstrong.

And so we must call this a night, that is all I have for you wonderful people, thanks for being here and all. As a last ditch effort, I will say that I am advertising this Netflix produced show called Santa Clarita Diet and no, I am not an official sponsor, but I damn well should be because I loved it. I got through the first season in a matter of hours. It’s got the undead, California, the adorable Drew Barrymore, and comedy all rolled into one show. So I’ll just have to wait here patiently for the next season. As you should all be doing as well. It fills that Stranger Things void.


Adieu. Adieu. To you and you and you.



So you want a hamster.

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve adopted three hamsters this just past summer. It started with one, and then turned into three. I’ll get into that later though.

I’ve actually owned hamsters a long time ago when I was a wee lass, I might have been nine-ish. Certainly not old enough to own a hamster and take care of one—if you ask me—but no one educates themselves before they get pets these days.

Hamsters shouldn’t be pets for children unless the guardian is fully knowledgeable and ready to take on absolute and complete responsibility. Hamsters can certainly become “tamed” to be held or pet, but only certain hamsters, and there’s a lot to the species that the pet store or shelter you bought it from might not tell you about.

Quick background on hamsters: Hamsters are rodents that belong to a family called Cricetids, this includes those little guys such as rats, mice, lemmings, hamsters, and many more. Hamsters themselves can be categorized into different breeds of hamsters, such as Syrian, Roborovski Dwarf, Chinese, Winter Whites, and others. It’s important to understand that these breeds are all similar and yet very different in smaller ways, which means each one might require separate care or needs. Similarly, all hamsters are crepuscular which means that they are most active from dusk till dawn.

If you think your hamster’s gonna be down for playing with you when you’re probably most active/awake, then you’re wrong. I’ve heard people can train their ham to follow a routine in which they do sleep at night rather than during the day, but that’s rough on their natural instincts you have to realize that these little guys are very small, and can stress easily, which leads to bad health, they’re naturally prey for most predators in the wild, and that makes them somewhat skittish to most—not to mention it’s probably a pain in the ass to train them.

Alas, hamsters are still a joy to have, and adopting three a second time around after weeks of research, is the best decision I’ve made all year.


I had originally done so much research on rats, since I’ve wanted a pet rat for a few years now, and I was so sure I was gonna stop by Pet Smart and bring home my first rat. I was ready, but it turns out Pet Smart had an issue with their latest bundle of rats, a boy had bought one, brought it home and got bitten, he got sick and passed away not long after. Unfortunately the illness was obviously caused by the rat bite and some kind of sickness the rat must have passed on to the boy. Pet Smart no longer sells rats, and I’m pretty sure Petco doesn’t either. I probably could have found a rat through a breeder, but for some reason those babies are a bit more, and the adoption process is a bit longer. I was disappointed for a while and put all the research away, at least now I know a lot about rats.

Anyway, I went on a routine run to Pet Smart for my cat’s treats and a few toys. Then I took a stroll down the rodent aisle, for no reason in particular, I just wanted to look at the furry little babies. I realized, there was so many different hamsters to choose from, and even though I had no interest nor intention in ever re-buying a hamster at all, I figured a hamster was my best bet.

I went home, and did some research on Teddy Bear Hamsters, or more formally called Syrians. This is the most common type, and the kind of hamster I had when I was little. He was Gray, he was my best friend, I think he only ever bit me once, and he was amazing until his female cage mate murdered him.


Syrian hamsters are the largest type of hamster, and probably your best chance of getting a hamster to hold and cuddle with if you’re into that sort of thing.

I compiled a list of facts and tips, and a shopping list of things to know before I went back and adopted my new baby.

The first thing I learned, that I had done wrong the first time around, was the fact that Syrian hamsters should never—I mean never—ever—EVER be housed with another Syrian at all. Syrian’s are not social pets, they can deal with their human owners, but their territorial instincts make them very difficult to get along with other Syrian “siblings”.

IF you own two males, big mistake because they’ll fight to the death over everything, even if you got two of everything.


If you own two females, big ass mistake because they will still fight to the death over everything.

A female, and a male? HUGE mistake, because hamsters breed like bunny rabbits and as soon as the female gets pregnant, she becomes very protective and will kill her mate, not even quite sure why but there’s a 50% chance she’ll probably kill or abandon her litter as well. Hamsters have been known to carry cannibalistic tendencies on top of all that. It’s just a hamster thing.


I had a male Syrian when I was little, and a few months later, I thought he needed a friend, so my dad took me to Pet Smart and we got another, little did we know, it was a female. Another thing I learned from research is how to sex a hamster. There are different qualities for certain types, but on the Syrian it’s quite obvious whether they have balls or not since they’re giant testicles that stick out in the back and drag everywhere. Of course I didn’t know this as a kid.


Back to the story, other things I learned is that Hamsters have very poor eyesight so they use their sense of smell for essentially everything, and their two front teeth they use as sort of a defense, a way to feel, and move things, to hold things, and to test the world out. Their hands are very short and not very strong so they use their teeth to sort of get a grip on everything as well as move things out of the way, and if they see your finger or hand as an obstacle, they will bite. If they smell food or anything that could be a threat to them, they will bite. It’s not a trait of aggression, its just part of their nature.


Because they are so small, and so easily frightened, they can develop health problems very quickly. Being scared or nervous, causes heart conditions, and their life span is already very short, you want to try and make them as comfy and safe as possible. So trying to force them into being held right away is not beneficial to either you or the hamster. Especially when you first bring them home, you want to let them be on their own in their new environment for at least a week. I’d say two if possible. I’ve heard, covering their cage with a light piece of cloth with your scent on it is helpful to getting them acclimated to you.

I had called a few shelters closest to me, in hopes that they were carrying a hamster, but no luck. So I went to Pet Smart, shopping list in hand, and I found the first Syrian I looked at was the one I was ready to take home. He’s a little ginger baby, and if you knew me well enough you’d know I’m quite enamored with ginger animals. He was sleeping of course, as they all were anyway, but I knew he was the one.

I called an employee over and he boxed him up for me. I spent the rest of that shopping visit to gather all the things I would need including a cage, and some other things like toys, food, bedding, and a little hidey home as well. I paid for everything, and took my little baby home. Fortunately (unfortunately for my wallet) I live really close to the pet store, both Pet Smart and Petco, so the ride home wouldn’t be too stressful for him, He was very quiet on the way home, and I was almost afraid that he died of suffocation in the sad little cardboard box so I checked at every stop light. I tossed a few names in the air thinking about what sounded right.

I had a list written down of good names I liked, but one that I didn’t have written down just felt right to me, it sounded good coming out of my mouth and I kept it. I named him Gatsby and he’s about eight/nine months old now. I never told anyone that I planned to get a hamster, particularly my mom and that might sound silly coming out of a 21 year old, but I still respect my parents wishes and they’re still my parents—I live with them, etc. I quietly set up the cage—which took forever considering how ridiculously small it was.

I later realized that it was no easy task trying to get everything that I had bought for him to squeeze into this small little starter kit. It was a pink cage and I loved it but it was so small. My mom eventually came over to my set up and discovered that I bought a hamster, she was pretty mad—to say the least– for a while, mostly because I never told her I was getting one, but she loves him now.

I put up the cage and then I opened the little cardboard box to get Gatsby out, who whined at me nonstop until I finally got him in the cage. Now, he only makes noise if I wake him up from beauty sleep to cuddle.

Looking at the ratio of my new hamster to the size of the cage, including the tiny tube I attached to it for the second “level”, I knew it wasn’t going to work out. It was just way too small. The cage was 17×11 inches, and I knew that most of the cages that pet stores sell are usually too small for the pet they’re intended, but I never realized how small. My poor baby couldn’t even lie anywhere. It was just too stressful for him, especially after being transported from his previous home at the store. He couldn’t even relax.

I went back, and I picked up a bigger sized cage, this one was just about the same price without any fun tubes or wheel, but it was much bigger, at 24 x 12 inches. With this cage, I had more room to scatter his toys and items about, and he still had room to run around. About a week later, I ended up getting a duplicate of the same cage so that I could combine the two with some tubes, and he’d have even more room.

The tubes they make unfortunately are very small for Syrians and I had to order some special ones called Habitrail Ovo Tubes online, which are way thicker, he’s able to go up and down those just fine. I couldn’t tell you why the hamster accessories they make in retail pet stores just aren’t meant for Syrians even though Syrians are the most commonly bought, but it’s a challenge finding items big enough for the lel bebe. I just do a lot of online shopping/DIY crafting and spoil him anyway.

Eventually, after a few weeks Gatsby came out of his shell and showed off his gluttonous, adorably, selfish, spoiled, and personality. I tamed him, and he’s okay with being held, though he prefers to run around or chill out either on my bed or in his ball. He wants for nothing (like all my pets), and he’s a happy little ham.

            Gatsby had so many toys and houses, and accessories that he literally never even touched. He’s a minimalist and that’s okay, because about a month or two after adopting Gatsby, I brought home two female Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters from a food run. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what possessed me to get more hamsters other than that I had a lot of collected knowledge in my brain from the Syrian research, that I felt more or less inclined to add to my small family of animals, with confidence that I could give them a better life than the one they would have at Petco.


Also, they were really stinking cute.

I got them a cage—should have kept Gatsby’s old one—a cage that was actually made for a dwarf sized ham, and some bedding, food, and toys. I named them Chicha and Nani, after Disney characters in The Emperor’s New Groove and Lilo and Stitch, and brought them home. I didn’t say anything to anyone, and nobody noticed until I was getting ready for bed.


I learned very quickly that dwarf hamsters, specifically Robos are super skittish and extremely fast. They’re fun to watch though, and they do love to play with toys and whatnot, so I essentially handed down most of Gatsby’s unwanted objects and let the girls use them—which fortunately they do, and enjoy it.

Their cage seemed to be too small, and I mostly hated it because there wasn’t enough room for me to modify the layout, so I got them a bigger cage—a reptile tank—to be exact. It’s got a mesh lid to protect from my demon felines, and allows them to breathe just fine. Which also makes it easier to watch them run around their little playground. I put them in their balls every once in a while, but they honestly prefer the safety of their four glass walls.

That is pretty much all that I have, I could go more into depth about their cage themes, what they eat, their toys, etc. but I’d rather not bore you. Alas, it is time for me to sign off and think of my next post.

Happy October, until next time!

Book Reader Problems Tag

Ah, bless the book blogging community for giving me a small place to escape. It’s been a while, much too long really.

Image result for shaking head gif

I can’t say I have a good excuse for being on a hiatus for so long other than that I’ve honestly been so busy I don’t have enough time to do the things I really want to do, like reading. There’s just not enough time in the day to do everything.

Image result for longing gif

The last book I read was Winter, and that was in June. I don’t even remember half the things that went on—but I loved it. So there’s that review. I’m currently trying to read three books at one time and it’s hard AF, man. I like to enjoy them one at a time, but I’m trying to get through them all at night when I’m in bed. But I’m so freakin’ tired these days, I just pass out after one chapter. What’s WRONG WITH ME.

Image result for beetlejuice sad gif

Stress from different things doesn’t help, but on the upside, I adopted three new hamsters and I’ll probably do a post on that later on, but for now I’ll keep it light and fresh and do a tag just to get into the swing of things. I plan to keep my posts consistent from this day on.

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I think I found this tag through Youtube ages ago, I believe it was Katytastic, but alas I’m bringing it to the blogging world. (Unless it’s already been here and I’m just far behind on—life—and everything else.)

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  1. You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?

20,000? Is that all?

Image result for eye roll gif

I usually read by series, I’ll do everything I can to have the entire series at my disposal so I don’t have to wait between reading books, I can just pull the next one off my shelf and continue on and hopefully there’s a finale. Sometimes that’s not the case, and if I have to wait for the next book to come out I’ll jump into a standalone. Otherwise, if I have read the whole series, I like to do this “cooling” off period–since it’s depressing ending a series—I read standalones, usually small uplifting ones, just to make me feel better and then after that, I go into the next series—it’s a never-ending cycle.

  1. You’re halfway through a book and you’re just not loving it. Do you quit or are you committed?

Ah, this is a tough one. It’s rare for me to not feel at least the slightest bit interested in any book, but on rare occasions when I can’t get into it, I definitely just skip through it and then I’ll put it away. So technically, I quit. It’s honestly very rare though.

Image result for i try gif
Image result for i try gif
  1. The end of the year is coming and you’re so close, but so far away on your Goodreads reading challenge. Do you try to catch up and how?

Goodreads Reading Challenge, lol.

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  1. The covers of a series you love do. Not. Match. How do you cope?

Who in the actual ass would ever make book covers in a series not match? That’d be awful. I’ve seen covers that are redone, but they always match of course. I would never buy a series if the covers don’t match—that’s just sacrilege.

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  1. Every one and their mother loves a book you really don’t like. Who do you bond with over shared feelings?

My cats.

Image result for cat lady gif

No, I don’t even know to be honest. I can say that I definitely dislike certain books that others absolutely rave about, but I don’t normally talk to my friends and family about my opinion on certain books because they all don’t really read the same books I do. (If at all.)

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  1. You’re reading a book and you are about to start crying in public. How do you deal?

I’ll cry like a little bitch. I’ll just cry quietly, and normally nobody thinks anything of it.

Image result for silent cry gif


  1. A sequel of a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot from the prior novel. Will you re-read the book?

Ah, this is a good one. See, this is one of the main reasons why I started a blog, was mostly as a journal/book reading log. I forget a lot, very quickly, unfortunately, and it’s imperative that I have my notes and ideas written down somewhere about the book I just read or I’ll have forgotten everything before the next book comes out. It’s helpful having this blog, because a lot of the books that I log into this thing, have sequels that have come out much later and I can just look back on my posts and see what the previous book was all about and it’ll trigger a few important things in my mind.

Image result for that's so raven gif

I won’t necessarily need to reread the previous book, but if I absolutely love the series and want details, I’ll reread. I’ve been trying not to lately just because of how large my TBR is.

  1. You do not want anyone. ANYONE. Borrowing your books. How do you politely tell people nope when they ask?

I rarely lend out my books because I fear for the condition that they’ll come back in, many times I’ll receive them back in shite condition and it irks me for weeks, and I loathe the person who gave them back—if at all—so I try not to lend out books. But if it’s a close friend or family member, I tell them “sorry but I’ll buy you your own copy.”

Image result for awkward smile gif
  1. Reading ADD. You’ve picked up and put down 5 books in the last month. How do you get over your reading slump?

Oh my, I can’t say this particular situation has ever happened to me, but I try my best to finish the damn book whether I like it or not, otherwise to get out of any slump, I’ll read a personal favorite.

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  1. There are so many new books coming out that you’re dying to read! How many do you actually buy?

Honestly, one or two. I don’t have the money to blow on the five most recently released books that I’d love to read—all at once at least—I’ll get them all a little bit over a spread out amount of time. Or the emptiness of my wallet will make me sad and poor.

Image result for im poor gif
  1. After you’ve bought the new books you can’t wait to get to, how long do they sit on your shelf before you get to them?

Oh god. Forever. Unless it’s part of a series that I’m currently read, then I’ll just buy the next damn book and read it. But there are a lot of brand-new unopened books on my shelf that have been sitting there for a good year or so. Mostly standalones, or an entire series I haven’t read before.

Alas, that is all I have for you all today, thanks for sticking around this long, since I think it’s been a year now. (Thank you, really.)

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Aye, Sassenach Tag

Hello, hello, hello, hellooooo sweet angel children of the interwebs. Come hither. Come hug mommy.


Kidding… I got you. Look at you guys, sitting there behind computer screens or small devices of some sort, with looks of disgust.


Now that we’ve gotten past that god-awful introduction let’s get into the good shit.


I’ve nearly finished this lovely little book called Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (anyone heard of it? I’m sure you have, if you watch TV, subscribe to Starz, or have walked into a bookstore recently. In fact, they decked out at least one of the subway cars in NYC, and I mean…decked out. They gave it wallpaper, candelabras, fancy seat fabric—of course it’s all a façade—they basically stuck a giant sticker to the inside of the train car.) Alas, Outlander is advertised enough that you had to have seen it at least once or twice.

I was a bad girl in the end of 2014 and I started watching the show before reading the book(s). At least I can say I was there when the show began, and I’ve been waiting a whole goddamn year for the next season. I think I knew it was a book before I started the show because I kept seeing the preview and thinking, “Shoot, I should read that,” but I didn’t leave myself enough time to read an entire book before seeing it. Anyway, that’s old news.

I got the first book (Outlander) last year around September-ish because I wanted to have a quick refresher before Season 2 should begin and I don’t really have access to the first season for a quick binge re-watch, freaking amazon and their add on subscriptions, man.


However, Starz has recently announced that you can watch their whole first season free on the website, so there’s that, and I just might resort to that if I finish the book in time.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic here. Outlander is a wonderful series filling my heart and soul with everything I’ve been missing in books for a long time. It really takes you away. In this case, to Scotland.

I came across this perfect little tag called the “Outlander Book Tag” created by Follow the Books on YouTube. I just changed the title for the sake of my picky blog looks and so in the event that you want to use this tag—which I encourage you all to do—don’t forget to mention the creator and the real title!


  1. Jamie Fraser: Your badass fictional boyfriend- Ah shit. Why is this always a hard one to answer. I think if I’d have to choose I’d either pick Henry from The Goddess Test series, or Daemon from the Lux series. (Daemon always, man. Always.)


  1. Claire Fraser: Your independent fictional BFF- I’m laughing, I don’t think Claire would be someone I’d want as a best friend. She sounds too beautiful. I’d be jealous all the time. However, in this case, I think I’ll choose Cress from the Lunar Chronicles. Werk.


  1. Black Jack Randall: Fictional character you loathe- Lol. Let me think, who has pissed me off incessantly over the last year in fiction? Ah yes, Ramsay Bolton. Screw that sack of dicks.


  1. Dougal MacKenzie: A character you hate, but can’t help but love- I don’t think I’ve ever really hated Dougal, most of what he does is within reason. He’s a good guy. So I’m gonna say Aaron Burr. (I know this is supposed to be fiction, but this particular question never stated this had to be a fictional character.)



  1. Colum MacKenzie: Your favorite disabled character- I’m laughing. Oh my god. Poor guy. Um, Let’s pick Professor Xavier. BABY CANT WALK.


  1. Geillis Duncan: Most shocking cliffhanger- you know what? To be honest, I don’t know. I think the furthest cliffhanger that I could remember would be in the Throne of Glass series.


  1. Frank Randall: An OTP that shouldn’t exist- This is mean, come on. Poor Frank. He’s honestly a really good guy even if he does happen to be an exact replica of his sadistic great great great (however many greats) grandfather. I root for him still, even though Claimie is my ultimate, I enjoy Frank and Claire’s relationship anyway; he was her first husband, man. She loves him still. And so do I.


  1. Sassenach: A book based outside of your country- Does this mean, the location of the book is based outside the US orrr that it was written outside the US? Just to be extra clear, I’ll say Frankenstein.



  1. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ: Your favorite book insult- Oh, oh, oh, I got a good one. From our dear old friend the Bard, I present a Renaissance-al insult. “You should be women and yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so.” Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, *Crowd goes wild*

  1. Craigh Na Dun: A fictional place you want to time jump to- This would probably be Netherfield Park in the 1800’s. And if you know why and where that is, then congrats to you good sir.


  1. Castle Leoch: Your favorite cast of characters- Shatttt, probably The Hunger Games cast or OR ORRRRR. squints too hard until head explodes



  1. Shinty: Who would be your ultimate team? Pick 12- Good god. Let’s see, Well.
  1. Katniss Everdeen
  2. Peeta Mellark
  3. Aelin Galathynius
  4. Chaol Westfall
  5. Dorian Havilliard
  6. Cinder
  7. Cress
  8. Scarlet
  9. Winter
  10. All the Lunar boys
  11. Kaden
  12. And I guess Ron Weasley for the hell of it.


Or happy Easter, and Spring time, and such–whatever you celebrate. Enjoy the flowers and bright colors. Farewell erryone.

“Every other founding father’s story gets told.”

A book review on Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow


It’s not often that I read a nonfiction book—in fact—I can’t even remember the last nonfiction book I ever read. What was it? Maybe a Walt Disney biography, and even then, that was probably for a school project of some sort.

I think I weaseled Disney into every school project at any chance I could get.


By the way. So sorry I’ve been gone for ages, well months, but it seems like it’s been ages. The past few months have been very busy and then life’s been a little rough and I had to move and adjust, but I’ve finally started settling in and I think it’s time I get back to my old hobbies. Like making crappy blog posts that you guys all read for some reason anyway.


Well sometime during early last year my brother told me that he was going to see this show called Hamilton (for his honeymoon) about the historical figure we all kind of know of but not really. He played me a little of the opening number and at first, I think it was hard for me to grasp onto the idea of hip hop and American history all in a broadway show. But then over the next few months, I kept hearing more about it, it kept popping up on TV and mostly social media. So I revisited the opening number, and really listened to the lyrics and I was hooked. Thereafter I bought the rest of the soundtrack and listened to it everyday until I could learn all the words and understand the story considering I haven’t physically seen the show and will probably never get a chance to.


How does a bastard orphan, son of whore and a Scotsman become one of the most important father figures that had his reputation destroyed by his enemies and forgotten by America—and probably the rest of the world that ever had a clue who Alexander Hamilton was?


I’ll be honest and say yeah, I probably never would have picked up this nonfiction book if it weren’t for Lin Manuel Miranda turning it into a Broadway show. It’s true, and I’m glad he did, because I have a new respect and knowledge for this man that I knew very little about. A huge thanks to Ron Chernow and Lin Manuel for opening my eyes, as well as anyone else that has probably seen or heard a thing or two about the musical/book.



And Goddamn, this book took me forever to read. I got it as gift in December when my parents—probably annoyed of hearing the OST blaring from my bedroom everyday—fueled my hunger for more knowledge with the book that Lin picked up in an airport some years ago to inspire his masterpiece. Anyway, I just recently finished it—thank you Jesus—it was way too long, but very good.


Let’s start with what I did know about Alex Hamilton (Sometimes, I forget that my brother’s name is also Alexander, and it’s weird that I hear it nearly every day on my ipod without this fact ever occurring to me. Sorry, Alex, if you’re reading this, Hamilton is simply much more on my mind than you are.)


I knew he was a founding father.

I knew he was a controversial man.

I knew he wrote some of the Federalist papers and strongly supported the US Constitution.

And I knew about his famous feud with Aaron Burr that resulted in his untimely death during their 1804 duel.

However, I never knew much else or how important this man was to the construction of a brand new nation.

It’s the story of an underdog and the epitome of the American Dream.

A lot of the book was written with extensive research on the accounts of Alex’s wife, Eliza and the Papers of Alexander Hamilton. As well as other sources, I mean there’s just pages of his listed resources in the back, Chernow was dedicated to this story, man.

The entire book is very lengthy but if you’ve seen the broadway show, or listened to the soundtrack, it’s essentially that in a much more detailed version with a few tweaks here and there. It details the entirety of Alex’s life, and even a little bit about before him and after. You understand the many aspects of the ambitious “college student, youthful poet, essayist, artillery captain, wartime adjutant to Washington, battlefield hero, congressman, abolitionist, Bank of New York founder, state assemblyman, member of the Constitutional Convention and New York Ratifying Convention, orator, lawyer, polemicist, educator, patron saint of the New-York Evening Post, foreign-policy theorist, and major general in the army.”

Yep. He was pretty all over the place in the best way.

In the beginning, you learn a little about Hamilton’s mother and father’s personally lives before and then after they meet. His mother has a sad sort of story and you feel more sympathetic to her than Alex’s father, but hey, what do I know. She’s not actually a “whore” or not the one that gets paid, at least. She wasn’t truly promiscuous, she just had her rep tarnished by her ex husband whom she tried getting a divorce from.

Alex was supposedly born in 1755 but this isn’t a sure fact since over the course of his life, Alex lied about his age most of the time and probably wasn’t even quite sure of his birth year himself. Alex’s mother struggled to keep her sons (yes sons, Alex had a brother) supported so they never really knew a “better life” than struggling to get by. Later on, She and Alex got sick and even though he got better for some reason, she unfortunately didn’t make it, and didn’t even get a proper burial from the church—which is mostly why Alex isn’t much of the “church going” type later in life.

“I take the children to church on Sunday, a sign of the cross at the door, and I pray. That never used to happen before.”

After his mother died, he was taken under the wing of his cousin who had a family of his own to take care of. So when he killed himself, Alex and his older brother were left with nothing to survive on.

“Moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide, left him with nothing but ruined pride…”

Now orphaned, Alex becomes a clerk working for a “family friend” at an import and export company for international trade. Considering he lived on an island—St. Croix—this didn’t give him much to do but work and read. He educated himself and became a talented poet at the age of 17. He wrote an elaborate segment which was published in a local newspaper, that described the recent hurricane which just devastated his home island.

This letter, is what gave Alex the sufficient funds to travel to North America and become further educated. The young man went to King’s College (now known as Columbia University) in New York city. During these years, he meets John Laurens, Marquis de Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, and the wonderful antagonist of this story, Aaron Burr.

Aaron Burr, is now probably my favorite antagonist of any story.

Work it, baby. Work.

Anyway, the rest of the book goes over his dabble in government, war efforts, how he meets Elizabeth Schuyler—whom he falls in love with and marries and has NINE babies with—and even Maria Reynolds, the woman he was involved in an affair with and started the leading up to his downfall. I could go into further detail, but I’d spoil a lot of juicy details and wonderful facts that you probably had no idea about.

Plus, this would be a really long blog post, I think the books is probably about 800 pages long. It’s freaking long. Some of it drags a little with unnecessary details but I think a lot of books are like that. Still good tho.

The book could have very well been written in a biased point of view, but I felt that a lot of it was factual statement rather than driven on Ron Chernow’s opinions, and I liked that. He obviously carried an admiration for Alexander Hamilton and his strive to the top and later fall to the bottom, but Ron holds out this metaphorical rope out to pull Alex out of this torn reputation and it gives you a better understanding of the man you never knew much about. I can’t say that I’d read it again because it’s so goddamn long, and I think I retained enough of the basics, also, if I need a refresher, I’ll just listen to Hamilton.

Anyway. I’d give this monster of a book a 4/5. Wait.

Am I doing these things out of five? I don’t even remember.

That’s how long it’s been. But man, it feels damn good to be back.

I’m back. I’m back in the saddle again.

Book Blog Newbie Tag

I’m sort of kind of screaming joyously on the inside now that I’ve read this, and the fact that you mentioned me, and you even found that old thing! Thank you for the acknowledgement and welcome to the wonderful blogging world! (Even though I’m hardly the one to give you a proper welcoming since I’m awful at it and it’s been too long since I’ve posted.) *pushes open doors to the virtual bookish dimension*

Crown of Midnight Review

Guten Tag, my dear dear booknerdigans. How are we all on this fine, Wednesday afternoon or morning or whatever time it is wherever you are in the world.

*Calls out into the empty void*

Alright, well anyway.

Here’s your friggin’ synopsis.

From the throne of glass rules a king with a fist of iron and a soul as black as pitch. Assassin Celaena Sardothien won a brutal contest to become his Champion. Yet Celaena is far from loyal to the crown. She hides her secret vigilantly; she knows that the man she serves is bent on evil.

Keeping up the deadly charade becomes increasingly difficult when Celaena realizes she is not the only one seeking justice. As she tries to untangle the mysteries buried deep within the glass castle, her closest relationships suffer. It seems no one is above questioning her allegiances—not the Crown Prince Dorian; not Chaol, the Captain of the Guard; not even her best friend, Nehemia, a foreign princess with a rebel heart.

Then one terrible night, the secrets they have all been keeping lead to an unspeakable tragedy. As Celaena’s world shatters, she will be forced to give up the very thing most precious to her and decide once and for all where her true loyalties lie… and whom she is ultimately willing to fight for.

And once again, there will most definitely be a few spoilers. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read it.

If ya don’t give a shite, then feast yer eyes.

It was beautiful, absolutely everything I was hoping for. Everything took a much darker and serious direction in this book and it was glorious. From the first chapter, you keep thinking “okay, so what’s next?” Now that Celaena has won the tournament and she’s earned the role as the king’s personal assassin/champion, what’s in the cards for Celaena?


Or rather, halfway through the book she did.

Let me clear the confusion.

Obviously, this book is centered on Celaena and her new job, as well as the others around her and where that leaves all of them. Celaena has the task of taking out the king’s enemies and such except Celaena isn’t killing anyone (not yet). I almost flipped my lid when I discovered that she was letting her victims go—I know, I’m morbid. But I wanna see some murders man—however Celaena’s relationship with Chaol, Nehemia, and Dorian took a much bigger turn for the better. (Sort of).

This first half of the book was full of Celaena discovering some secrets and trying to figure out what the king was planning. As well as meeting old friends like Archer, the gorgeous courtesan, and new friends like Mort the wonderfully sarcastic magic door knocker.

Then we have the love aspect of the book, in which there’s no longer much of a love triangle anymore. Celaena’s been good on her decision to keep Dorian on strictly friends only terms, whereas with Chaol, their attraction and sexual tension is so heavy it explodes. Dorian and Celaena as best friends is the best thing since chocolate covered marshmallows. They’re so much better as friends, you guys. They’re so easy with each other and trusting and they can rely on one another. I just. I JUST WANT THEM TO BE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.


As for Chaol and Celaena, everything sort of blows up when he’s there to comfort her on her parents deathiversary, and then she puts together this really sweet birthday surprise for him. Then she spills the beans about the fact that she hasn’t actually murdered a single person on the king’s blacklist, and after a quick freak out moment, he understands and offers to help her and run away with her. Annnd, I don’t know man, I guess that really got them both all hot and bothered because they stumbled over each other all the way home back to Celaena’s rooms.

But anyway, now they’d become a thing (mostly for animalistic attraction reasons), you can just see how much they respect each other. The way they communicate and the way they act around each other. They gotta be together forever. Chaol is the only man who is as strong if not stronger as Celaena in every aspect of the meaning.

Now, let’s briefly talk about the fact that NEHEMIA IS DEAD. SHE’S GONE. And when she died, so did Celaena, and I think a small part of me died with her too because Nehemia did not deserve to die—especially in the brutal disrespectful way that she did. It was quite surprising that she was killed off so early on in the books because I felt that she was so crucial to the story, but now I think I understand why she needed to die. She had to go, so that Aelin could live.

I think what made me even more depressed was how harshly Celaena acted toward Chaol after finding Nehemia’s body. It wasn’t even his fault.

And I knew she’d be pissed at Chaol, but not that she would be a raging ball of fire. HOLY SHIT MAN, CALM DOWN, DON’T FORGET THAT CHAOL WAS GOING TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING FOR YOU. She was mad because he knew that the king was going to question Nehemia, and yeah, he probably should have said something about that to Celaena, but then she finds out Cain—one of the assholes from the first book—was the murderer. And she was STILL mad at Chaol. WHY? Tell me this.

I don’t know. I just think she’s overreacting.

Of course there’s the “big surprise”, Celaena is Aelin which is no surprise to me, like I said in my TOG Review, I could not erase this information that was disclosed on every source of media, from my brain. I’m glad that it was discovered in this book though, I felt that it was a good ending to open an even bigger world for the next book. Now that Chaol knows, and he considers her his enemy—and he hers—I still think they belong together and they just need to work together, work this out, be buddies again, get over their fucking stubborn personalities and be together.

Cam an, you guys. For me. Por favor.

Alas, that is all I’ve got for you poor readers today, I hope you do get a chance to pick these books up even if you don’t like my crappy summaries. To put it simply, they’re really, really good.

Au revoir for now.

Throne of Glass Review


my dearest booknerdigans, fellow readers, people (that are probably tired of my boorish greetings at the beginning of every single post—sorry.)

After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, 18-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her her freedom on one condition: she must act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin.

Her opponents are men-thieves and assassins and warriors from across the empire, each sponsored by a member of the king’s council. If she beats her opponents in a series of eliminations, she’ll serve the kingdom for four years and then be granted her freedom. Celaena finds her training sessions with the captain of the guard, Westfall, challenging and exhilirating. But she’s bored stiff by court life. Things get a little more interesting when the prince starts to show interest in her… but it’s the gruff Captain Westfall who seems to understand her best.

Then one of the other contestants turns up dead… quickly followed by another. Can Celaena figure out who the killer is before she becomes a victim? As the young assassin investigates, her search leads her to discover a greater destiny than she could possibly have imagined.



So I actually finished Throne of Glass a little over a week ago, and I’m nearly through Crown of Midnight. I’m a very impatient woman, I just need all the information to be stored away in my small brain that struggles to soak up information enough as it is.

Anyway. Over the past couple years I have heard many things about The Throne of Glass series, mostly good. And to be honest, I have no idea why it took me this long to finally pick that shit up and read it already.

It’s so my cup of tea too, so what the hell is wrong with me. It’s got all da fantasy, all da murder mystery, all da love, all da action—well mostly.

Ah well. So out of the many praises sung for these books and characters-particularly for Celaeana Sardothien aka Aelin Galathynius (yes, I know. What with all you non discreet bookish hoes spilling all the secrets. THANKS.)

(kidding. I love you guys, and I can’t keep secrets either.)

I really wanted to hop aboard the train and get to reading the story. I think I struggled with just getting my hands on a copy of the books because I always thought the covers looked kind of…

Cheesy? (pleasedonthateme)

Sorry. I just really don’t like the covers, they look way too generically created. However, they’re growing on me.

Now back to the story.

Throne of Glass was one of those books that got off to a really good start right away. The witty, snarky main characters draw you in immediately. Especially our beloved Captain Westfall hidden beneath his dark cryptic cloak of steamy mysteriousness.

The dialogue in the book is probably the very best of it all, even with the lengthy paragraphs describing a tapestry on the wall. The three main characters have this constant banter between one another that strengthen their relationships/friendships.

As for the characters and the ships in the book, let’s get things straight.

Celaena Sardothien is BAD. ASS. BADASS! (Not so much in this book, but just you wait.) I didn’t think I’d really like her for some reason and I think I kept trying to look for things to pick out that I didn’t like. But goddamn. I really like Celaena. She’s a very headstrong girl, wounded and as much as I think she tries to harden her heart, she’s got a big one full of love for those she cares for. I love her personality and her snippy attitude, however, in this book—being the first—I didn’t see much of this big bad assassin in her that everyone feared so much.

Chaol Westfall is my personal favorite. *kisses fingers* Probably just because I want to marry him.

Like. Furreals Chaol. Babylookatme. Somebody might not want you, but I do.

Other than his obvious discreet charm and strength, he’s a really loyal person and it kind of kills me that he is so loyal. But he’s so sweet and kind, and he cares for Celaena even if he doesn’t want to admit it. And that scene in the end after she’s lying down in the ring and he just barely reaches out to her hand and tells her to get up. UGH. MY FEELS.

Dorian Havilliard was probably my number one favorite in the beginning of the story just because I leaned more toward his forwardness and ridiculous princely demeanor that makes me smile. I think I like him so much more now, for being a good character, for believing in what’s right, and for the probability that he’s one day going to be a great king. But in that little moment where I realized he and Celaena were trying to be a thing, it just didn’t feel right to me. And I understood who Celaena needed in that way, and if she couldn’t be with that him, then she should stand on her own.

Personally at first, I didn’t think Celaena should have been with anyone but herself, plus her friendship with the boys was so strong and so beautiful it made me envious. I didn’t want their friendship to crumble because of a silly love triangle, but their attractions grew and so did their love for each other. The romantic relationship between Celaena and Dorian felt almost forced and out of place, whereas the sexual tension between Celaena and Chaol was so immense I thought my brain would explode, and now that I’ve pretty much finished COM, I feel a little more content (and rather heartbroken).

Nehemia, oh my sweet child. You spunky little warrior princess. Can I be you. I’m sad she wasn’t in the book as much as she could have been. I felt that she was less included and she would pop in every once in a while BUT NOT ENOUGH MAN. I have to say the wyrdmarks written under Celaena’s bed was a little reminiscent of Sleepy Hollow, and quite obvious that it was Nehemia who put them there. I nearly thought she was going to be the monster in the end or the murderer, but she was actually protecting Celaena so might heart sighed in relief.

Now going into the plot pieces of the story, I’ll admit that somewhere towards the middle of the book, it felt like it dragged a bit. I found myself continuously reading it only because I knew it had to get better, and I had such high hopes that something would happen. Yet, nothing truly significant did happen until the ending. And the dialogue was essentially the only source of intrigue.

I also kept asking myself if this was actually labeled YA, the writing had plenty of descriptions that references content material appropriate for a mature audience, but the overall feel was pretty YA.

Crown of Midnight was okay, but it was a good starting off point for the rest of the series to really soar, because I know it gets much better. Best part of the book was Fleetfoot the puppy. (And probably Chaol. Admit it ladies, we all want to watch Chaol running laps and joking around with his group of soldiers.)

I’d give it a 3/5 stars.

Just to leave room for me to give the others above and beyond.